Rawhide Nevada

Rawhide was a fast growing gold camp in 1906 and soon had over 40 saloons, 30 hotels, 28 restaurants, 9 bakeries, 10 barbershops, 13 doctors, 4 hospitals, 3 banks, 9 lumberyards and 125 brokerage offices.

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Rawhide, Nevada

The location of Rawhide is appoximately 55 miles SE of Fallon, NV and appoximately 35 miles NE of Hawthorne, NV. As mentioned above, the Rawhide-Denton Mine has completely destroyed any trace of Rawhide, and there is nothing of the town left to see. Rawhide was at 39°01'00"N 118°23&apol;28"W  /  39.0166667°N 118.39111°W  /  39.0166667;  -118.39111, at an elevation of 5082 feet (1549m).